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Technology &

It covers the basics of oral care.

To produce the most basic interdental toothbrushes, dental floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste for oral care, We have the highest level of diligence and dedication.
Products suitable for oral care, efficient and economical.

We will take the design as a base.

  • PRODUCT.01

  • Rotational interdental toothbrush

  • If the toothbrush has evolved from the toothbrush that was sold in the past and the product has come in and out between the teeth, the toothbrush head automatically rotates to clean the foreign materials and plaque in the teeth.
    It is a key technology not to use battery or motor, it is small and light, easy to store and carry.
    After using the toothbrush, it can be stored hygienically in the storage room.
    It was organized by TYPE-I, M, L, and only the head for refill was purchased separately. We also thought about cost reduction.
  • PRODUCT.02

  • Expanding dental floss

  • When the saliva touches, it swells up, softly removes plaque, removes bad breath, and helps prevent gum disease.
    It consists of wax and mint.
  • PRODUCT.03

  • Toothbrush

  • Designed with sophisticated design and ergonomic design, it is made up of 4 kinds of black(charcoal), yellow(gold), yellowgreen(aloe vera), and white (antimicrobial grain) toothbrush.
    All toothbrushes of DEN TWIST are made of domestic raw materials, and consist of antimicrobial grain and double fine grain, and have the effect of sterilizing the bacteria of the bristles contaminated by the antimicrobial action of anion.
    You can always use it clean by blocking 99.9% of germs.
  • PRODUCT.04

  • Toothpaste

  • We have only pure, good ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, chamomile extract, eucalyptus extract, aloe extract, sage extract, sodium cocoyl glutamate.
    It keeps it whiter and strong, and keeps the mouth clean and refreshing.
    It removes tooth decay prevention and bad breath and improves esthetic effect, so it is excellent in prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis (periodontal premature ejaculation), periodontal disease, plaque removal, and gum disease.
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Recommend these people.

- People who want healthy teeth
- People looking for a soft toothbrush with a weak gum
- Pregnant women with lovely babies
- Parents with dentures and implants
- People who want freshness in the mouth
- People who want to meet good quality and design at the same time