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your smile.

Dental + Twist

All of DENTWIST's products are designed by professional designerswho read the latest trends and reflect the needs of customers,and will continue to lead the design products that anyone desires to own.
We are pursuing a premium for quality with "best materials" and "good materials",
and we will write down the myths of oral products with young senses and good materials.

For healthy oral care
of customers

DEN TWIST is doing its best to be the leader of the right oral culture to live healthy teeth over 100 years old.

The Value of

Good Design
All products of DENTWIST are designed by professional designers to read the latest trends, reflect the needs of customers, and steady design development will lead the design sense that anyone desires.
High Quality
We are pursuing premium quality with the best materials and the best materials. We are doing our best to become the leading dentist in oral culture.

We remember
your NEEDS.

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Room 705, Building 201, Bucheon Techno Park 2 Complex, 388, Songnae-daero, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel 070-4211-7841

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