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Promise for
healthy oral care

dentwist news

  • 2017 Hi Seoul Awarded Best Brand Award

    DEN TWIST has been selected as the "2017 Hi Seoul Excellent Product Brand Award" thanks to the support of our customers.
    We will do our best to reach a better product.

dentwist news

  • Comparison of Dent Twist Rotary Toothbrush Performance Comparison

    The results of this study were as follows: Rotary type (1 open - DENTAL TWIST) and reciprocating type (4 open mouth) interdental toothbrushes were used to search for effective tooth surface bacteria management using an interdental toothbrush, The artificial tooth surface coloring agent was applied to the centrifugal surface and # 47 mesial surface, and the corresponding part of the manufacturer was reciprocated three times for 6 times to remove the bacterial membrane on the artificial tooth surface. The residual artificial tooth surface state was observed with a digital camera, After analysis, the residual area was measured and the results were compared with each other. The following conclusions were obtained.